Nikolaj Juul Jakobsen

Nikolaj is an expert in executive development, author, executive coach as well as a keynote speaker, specialising in relational connectivity, collective resilience and business performance.

Nikolaj’s instruction is always research-based and focused on practical applicability. He draws on ten years of experience as a coach to the Danish Secret Service. During his time in the Police Force, he was stationed in Afghanistan, Iraq and Africa, and is intimately familiar with the importance of psychological flexibility and collective resilience in high pressure circumstances.

Nikolaj has more than 20 years of leadership experience, most recently as the CEO of an authorised consultancy firm. Amongst his credentials, he holds a master’s degree in positive psychology from Aarhus University and is a Research Associate at the Henley Business School in the UK, where he is also currently completing a doctorate in executive development.

In all of his work, whether that be long term executive development programs or one-off public speaking engagements, Nikolaj is both personable and enthusiastic, and is always happy to share his personal experiences.

Higher education

Doctoral Candidate & Research associate, Henley business school, UK

Master of Positive Psychology

Diploma/Ba, Leadership & Management

Diploma/Ba, Project Management

Head of special forces team in the Danish Security & Intelligence Service

Police leadership academy