Newmind’s clients include

What Newmind’s Clients Have to Say about Courses and Workshops

“Thank you for your extremely interesting, entertaining, engaging, touching and very educational presentation today. I’ve only received good feedback and your presentation facilitated excellent dialogues and reflections afterwards.”

Gry Egstrup, Vice President HR Development, TDC Group

“Nikolaj comes across as competent person who isn’t afraid of sharing his own experiences, which is a measure of his credibility”

Susannne Nejst Lørup, Chief of Work Environment, Hoffmann A/S

“You really got us off to a great start and have had a positive impact on us. I would highly recommend your seminar”

Finn Skarshaug Uldum, Technology and Knowledge Director, Visma Consulting A/S

“We all walked away feeling very inspired, knowing that he had given us something concrete to work with. It won’t be the last time we invite Nikolaj”

Lene Winther Grøndahl, Head of Strategy and Development, Region Sjælland

“Nikolaj gave a great seminar. It was both frank, emotive and very touching”

Eva Jensen, HR Partner, Lemvigh-Müller A/S