About Newmind

Constant change and organisational turbulence have become commonplace for businesses all over the world. Both the pace and the level of complexity in which businesses operate have risen dramatically, placing increasing demands on executives and leadership teams who must lead by example and deliver results. Competent leadership skills are imperative to achieving business success.

Newmind has many years of experience working with targeted development of leadership teams across all levels. Backed by research-based evidence, we wholeheartedly maintain that a strong and resilient leadership team – which has mastered the art of reaching sensible strategic decisions in cooperation – is fundamental to achieving successful business outcomes in a complex and rapidly changing world.

Our approach to leadership development springs from a combination of scientific methodology and practical application, which in part builds on principles which are typically employed in the development of Special Forces teams.

Nikolaj Juul Jakobsen heads up the Newmind team. He is an expert in executive development, author and executive coach. From its base in Denmark, Newmind works with clients all over the world.